A message from the good old boys down South

Jim Vazquez has been keeping in touch with the EMS people in Mississippi - the guys who are driving our old 503. Jim also shipped some of our old wooden backboards to them, which are held in our old 503. They generally see a lot more action than we do. Here's their latest news:

  1. Worked at rollover this morning at 530 with one patient with broken femur. We also had a car vs power pole this weekend with four patients. Backboards came in very handy!
  2. Wow y'all catching it too! We have responded to three vehicle accidents since Thursday with a total of seven injured. Six were considered serious and one 12 year old critical airlifted to a level 1 trauma center.
  3. Structure fire at 530am today with three people barely making it out. While on that call had another structure fire call in our district but minor damage only.