“Being part of CVAC has given me the chance to work with great people, to learn skills that help me feel better prepared for a medical emergency with a family member, friend, neighbor, or anyone. It has helped enhance my management skills, too. When you show up at a scene, you’re working with a range of people from police officers to fire department personnel to paramedics to your own crew. You have to quickly assess the situation, develop a plan of action, communicate this to your team, and then execute quickly, efficiently, and safely as a team. If you’re looking for a great way to contribute to our community, to build some new skills, and to be part of a terrific team, I’d encourage you to join CVAC today.” - Warren Hart, CVAC volunteer.

Volunteer Facts

CVAC volunteers are your neighbors – teachers, lawyers, parents, grandparents, and entrepreneurs. You can become one too:

  • No experience or background in emergency care is necessary
  • All training is free and provided by CVAC
  • Flexible hours – you schedule hours that are convenient for you
  • Flexible location – you can be on call from your home or anywhere within a few minutes from town

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Aiders are trained in CPR and First Aid. Classes can be taken at CVAC.
  • Drivers begin as Aiders and complete 10 hrs of additional driving training. Must be 21.
  • EMTs must complete a NY State course (about 140 hours) and pass a state exam. These classes are given at local colleges and hospitals.

All new volunteers are assigned a mentor who will guide you through the process of joining and provide on-going support and advice.